WILTON — The 40th annual reunion of the descendants of James and Flora York was held on Aug. 12 at Kineowatha Park. Fifty-six family members and friends were present.

Originally, there were five sisters and two brothers, 31 grandchildren and 117 great-grandchildren. Five of the grandchildren were in attendance. Special guests were Bernd Heinrich and Lynn Jennings.

Family ancestral charts and old photographs were displayed by family historians Richard Corey and Evelyn Dearborn. Many of these photos have been recently collected. Anyone having additional photographs is encouraged to email or send them to Richard Corey. A website is in the planning stages where they can be posted for all family members to see.

Additional plans for the upcoming year are to review the current condition of a number of family gravestones, particularly in the North Wilton Cemetery (Adams Cemetery), and determine what should be done to maintain them.

Pastor Ron Corey offered the blessing and following a luncheon, the business meeting and family sharing time were held. Music was provided by Sammie Angel and Jim Harris. Special remembrances of family members Lorraine Sawyer, Bill Adams, and Lawrence Webster, who died this year, were given. Thoughts and prayers were sent out for a number of family members who are ill.

Bonnie Sawyer Minnick and family, Jim Sawyer and family traveled from California, and Blanche Robinson and Barb Robinson-Ramirez and family traveled from Reno, Nevada. The youngest family member present was Hayleigh Anderson, daughter of Libby Anderson and granddaughter of Pam Reed.

Bernd Heinrich has placed a part of his property in a Conservation of Propriety, which will be known as Heinrich Forest. The land was a part of the York Homestead. He wrote about the woods in one of his recent works, “Snoring Bird.” A number of York family members were included in another piece, “Yorks of York Hill.”

The Western Maine Play Museum, which was the home of Dr. Albert York and family, is nearing completion.

Officers for the next year are: Richard Corey, president; Jim Harris, vice president; Ken Sawyer, treasurer; Susan Dearborn, secretary; Richard Corey, family historian; and Evelyn Dearborn, junior family historian.

The 2018 York Family reunion will be held on Saturday, Aug. 11, at Kineowatha Park.

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