OXFORD – The “Tiny Giant” Jeff Steinberg and his wife, Ellen, will be back at Hosanna Church, 109 Schoolhouse Road, for the first time in two years at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 28. 

Steinberg, who was born with severe birth defects due to the 50s-era pregnancy drug Thalidomide, knows that God “Doesn’t Make Junk.” He powerfully gets across that everyone who puts their trust in God through Jesus Christ can become a “Masterpiece in Progress.”

Born with no arms and with deformed legs, he has not let that stop him. He is a well-known singer and motivational speaker who has spoken at the annual meetings of many Fortune 500 businesses and at countless schools across the nation, and overseas as well. In times past, he also was featured on the annual Jerry Lewis Television Telethon against muscular dystrophy. He has been crisscrossing America with hope, humor and great tunes for nearly 50 years.

Ellen Steinberg also is a motivational speaker who is in demand at ladies’ events across the nation. She will share some of her insights at this concert.

“The Tiny Giant,” Jeff Steinberg.

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