AUBURN The School Committee on Wednesday approved a $5,000 annual fee for a Lewiston doctor to serve as school physician.

It’s not the kind of physician who treats sore throats or provides athletic examinations, however. Dr. Shashi Panozzo, a family medicine specialist, will serve in more of a consultation role with the School Department.

According to School Committee member Bonnie Hayes, Panozzo will advise school administrators in the case of a major health event, such as an epidemic or a catastrophe with multiple victims.

All school systems are required by law to maintain a physician in that role.

Panozzo has been working with the Auburn school system in an ongoing basis. The School Committee vote Wednesday night approved the $5,000 annual contract fee, to be paid to St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

In other business, Superintendent Katy Grondin briefed the committee on her involvement with Trauma-Induced Schools, a program aimed at providing educators with resources to deal with childhood trauma. The School Department is partnered with the Auburn Police Department and various health care providers.

The committee also randomly selected four local parents to participate in a professional development study group.

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