100 years ago, 1917
As the result of conflicting authorities in the police department since the morning of Aug. 28, Mayor Lemaire yesterday filed a petition for an injunction to restrain the men elected by the aldermen, from acting as police officers and also to enjoin Aldermen Henry Coombs and Patrick Kelleher, as members of the police committee, from assuming to direct the police department.

50 years ago, 1967
(Editorial) Prompt Court Action Needed — The baffling situation in which one of Auburn’s newest industries finds itself is one which calls for prompt remedial action by the courts. That is the very least that can be done. The BonAn Footwear Co., on the Merrow Road, has been named the defendant in a petition for an injunction filed by the Maine attorney general to prevent the firm from dumping polluted water into a brook without a license. At the same time, the Water Improvement Commission, which normally has the power to grant such a license, is unable to act because of a court injunction granted a year ago prohibiting it from issuing a license to BonAn.

25 years ago, 1992
Volunteers last year donated about 10,000 hours of work to the Auburn School Department — labor that even at minimum wage would have otherwise cost the system $42,500. And that figure is probably a gross underestimate, given the number of professionals, such as nurses, among the 500 volunteers. But to the coordinator of Auburn’s school volunteer program, the quantity is less important than the quality. “As much as the numbers are impressive, my main goal always remains to provide volunteers with meaningful, enjoyable experiences,” says Jocelyne Rancourt. “The numbers become secondary to making sure that people are happy about being in the Auburn schools, working with the students and staff.” Rancourt is responsible for recruiting volunteers and matching their interests, skills and availability with the 14 public schools’ needs.

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