8/26/2017 1610hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to Sand Hill Loop Rd. in Strong and arrested Theodore Suffoletto (36) of Strong on a warrant.

8/27/2017 0029hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a report of a party where juveniles were consuming alcohol at an apartment on Main St. in Kingfield.  One juvenile had consumed too much and had to be transported by Northstar Ambulance.  The apartment renter was charged with Furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol.   

8/27/2017 0336hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a truck vs. moose accident on the Stratton Rd in Rangeley.

8/27/2017 1320hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated a report of phone harassment on the Farmington Falls rd. in New Sharon.  The complainant and the suspect are both students that attend high school together.

8/27/2017 1416hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a report of a theft of a cell phone on the Vienna Rd in Chesterville.  Investigation revealed that the phone was actually given to the person who was accused of stealing it.

8/27/2017 1518hrs, Sgt. Brann investigated a report of criminal threatening on Zions Hill Rd in Chesterville via Facebook.  There was not enough information to prove the charge.  


8/27/2017 1659hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a report of people shooting very close to route 4 in Avon frightening passing motorist.  

8/27/2017 2014hrs, Deputy Scovil assisted Farmington Police with an accident on the Wilton Road in Farmington by Irving’s.

8/28/2017 0709hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated a harassment complaint via text messages on the Industry Road in Industry.

8/28/2017 1046hrs, Deputy Morgan arrested Toby Purington (65) at his home in Chesterville on a warrant for unpaid fines and transported him to jail.

8/28/2017 1107hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to Park St in Phillips regarding a report of a person in mental health distress.  The person was transported to FMH for evaluation.

8/28/2017 1959hrs, Deputy Madore responded to the Cape Cod Hill Road in New Sharon regarding a report of someone in a gold Chevy Blazer was stuck in a ditch.  The vehicle was gone upon arrival.


8/28/2017 2048hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to an animal complaint on the Cross Rd in Avon.

8/29/2017 1530hrs, Deputy Burke investigated a report of theft from a barn on the Starks Rd in New Sharon.  

8/29/2017 2349hrs, Deputy Madore received a complaint of a possible drunk driver on the Mile Hill Rd in New Sharon.  The vehicle was not found.

8/30/2017 1459hrs, Deputy Burke responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle on the Weeks Mills Rd in New Sharon.  It was determined that the vehicle was not abandoned.

8/31/2017 0535hrs, Chief Deputy Lowell responded to a car vs. deer accident on the Vienna Rd in Chesterville.  The deer died at the scene the car sustained reportable damage.

8/31/2017 1351hrs, Deputy Burke and Chief Deputy Lowell responded to Zions Hill Rd in Chesterville regarding a person who was in mental health distress.     


9/1/2017 1659hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a report of a burglary in progress on Lambert Hill Rd in Strong.  It was determined that the complainant was having medical issues and had made up the entire event.  

9/1/2017 1750hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a single vehicle accident on the Temple Rd in Temple.  No injuries were reported.

9/2/2017 1537hrs, Deputy McCormick responded to Cape Cod Hill Rd in New Sharon regarding a report of a motorcyclist had pulled into the complainant’s driveway and sat there for a small period of time before the homeowner confronted the rider who then drove off at a high rate of speed.

9/2/2017 2319hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a report of a single vehicle accident on Mile Hill Road in New Sharon.   The male driver had fled the scene before police arrived; the registered owner has been deceased for almost a year.  The case is still under investigation.

9/2/2017 2337hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a loud noise complaint on the Stinchfield Hill Rd in Chesterville.  A neighbor was playing their music very loud while sitting in a car keeping another neighbor awake.

9/3/2017 0157hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a complaint of a vehicle parked on the Ridge Rd in Chesterville.  Morgan discovered a woman who was sleeping in a sleeping bag in the back seat.  The vehicle was not on the traveled portion of the road.


9/3/2017 1018hrs, Deputy Burke arrested David Wright (55) at his residence in Dallas Plt. on a warrant at the request of Bath Police Dept.

9/3/2017 1315hrs, Deputy Burke responded to Reeds Mill Rd in Madrid regarding an animal complaint.  It was reported squatters moved out of a property there and left their dog behind.  Upon arrival Deputy Burke found the dog very malnourished and transported it to Lewistown animal hospital where it was determined that the dog could not be saved and had to be euthanized.  The owners of the dog were located and charged with felony animal abuse.

9/3/2017 1558hrs, Deputy Doucette investigated a harassment complaint on the Parlin Rd in Phillips.   

9/4/2017 1604hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a late report of a tractor trailer moose accident which occurred on Route 27 in Alder Stream Twp.  The driver did not report the accident for 11 hours after the accident and was summonsed for failing to report an accident by quickest means.

9/5/2017 1431hrs, Deputy Madore investigated a late report of a burglary that occurred on Beech Hill Rd in Sandy River Plt.

9/5/2017 2027hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated a late report of an assault which was alleged to have taken place in Dallas Plt. The complainant stated that the male suspect had groped her while in a public building.


9/6/2017 1036hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to assist Wilton Police with a report of a fight in a business parking lot on route 2 in Wilton.  The “pugilists’” were gone upon arrival.  

9/6/2017 1116hrs, Deputy Scovil investigated a report of harassment at Cranberry Peak Apartments in Eustis.  The male suspect was served a harassment warning on behalf of the female complainant.

9/6/2017 1800hrs, Sgt. Brann arrested Lewis Haley (71) of Rangeley for Stalking and unlawful sexual touching which was reported to have occurred the day before in Dallas Plt.  Deputy McCormick was the primary investigator.

9/7/2017 2200hrs, Deputy Morgan conducted a traffic stop on Main Street in Stratton, as a result of the stop Wendy Glenn was arrested for OUI and transported to Jail.

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