A police officer investigates a crash between a Lewiston police cruiser and an SUV at Pine and Bates streets Wednesday night. 

LEWISTON — Police were investigating a Wednesday night crash between a cruiser and an SUV at Bates and Pine streets.

Nobody was hurt in the 8 p.m. collision, but the SUV, a Buick Encore, was spun around in the street, narrowly missing a parked car before coming to rest at the side of Pine Street.

Witnesses said the driver of the Encore had been heading up Pine Street when the cruiser, traveling on Bates Street through the intersection, struck the rear of the vehicle.

Witnesses said the driver of the Encore had been passing through a green light at the intersection. The officer driving the cruiser, they said, had been headed toward Ash Street when he crashed into the Encore.

Several witnesses said the blue lights were not activated on the cruiser at the time of the collision. It was not immediately clear whether the officer had been responding to a call.

The identities of the drivers were not available.

The collision brought more than a dozen onlookers out of Kennedy Park, near the crash site. One witness said there was a squeal of brakes before the vehicles collided.

Lewiston police were being assisted at the scene by Maine State Police. It is standard for an outside agency to investigate a crash involving a police cruiser.