OTISFIELD — The Board of Selectmen voted Wednesday evening to sign a franchise agreement with Spectrum to bring cable to “80 to 90 percent of the town’s roads and residents,” Administrative Assistant Anne Pastore said.

Pastore said Spectrum made an offer and and “we’ve been following the steps to get them to come in. “They’re the first cable company to come to us. In the past, cable companies wouldn’t look at us. They said we didn’t have enough people.”

She said the town is still working out the final details of the agreement, but hopes to have cable in place by next spring.

In other business, Pastore said the town is going to plant a new garden in front of their new electronic message board at the Town Office on Route 121 next spring.

“When the new sign comes in, one of the guys that works for our town is going to clean out the existing garden and material,” Pastore said. “The existing garden hasn’t been maintained for years, so it’s all coming out. We’ll add some dirt to fill it in, and once the sign is built and trenches are dug for the electricity, we’ll backfill it with more dirt, and in the spring, we’ll plant some little shrubs.”

The board voted unanimously Sept. 7 to accept a $21,859 bid from NeoKraft in Lewiston to supply and install an electronic message board and sign.

Townspeople in June authorized using up to $25,000 from the timber reserve account for it. It will replace the changeable letter one.

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