LEWISTON — The Center for Wisdom’s Women announces a new season for Peasant Pantry Cafe. The monthly meals are prepared and served by a team of women at the center.

The project began two years ago as a way to teach healthy cooking and eating on a budget and as a means for bringing people together around a shared meal. The dishes are prepared under the guidance of Paul Drowns of St. Mary’s Nutrition Center.

This year will focus on soups and flat breads. Recipes for the dish served are available for guests to take home.

The cafe is held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the second Thursday of the month. This year the plan includes the following main dishes, usually with a side of homemade flat bread and herbed butter, cheese, fruit and a small sweet to finish the meal:

Oct. 6: German Weisse Bohnensuppe, white bean soup.

Nov. 10: Native American Butternut Squash Soup.

Dec. 8: Amish Cabbage Patch Stew.

Jan. 12: Russian Borscht.

Feb. 9: African Peanut Stew.

March 9: Irish Stew.

April 6: Indian Mulligatawny.

May 4: Hungarian Jokai Bean Soup.

June 8: Thai Pho Soup.

July 13: Iranian Cold Herbed Yogurt Soup.

Events will be posted on Facebook the week preceding each meal with details of the coming meal. The meal is free, although donations are requested. Proceeds are shared among the women who prepare and serve the meal. No reservations are needed.

The center is a weekday drop-in center off Bates Street between Pine and Ash streets. Parking at the site is limited, but is available on the street or a couple blocks away in the Park Street garage. The center’s Herban Works products will be available for sale during the meals.

FMI: 207-513-3922, www.wisdomswomen.org.

Judy Malony and Paul Drowns are pictured at the Center for Wisdom’s Women Peasant Pantry Cafe.