100 years ago, 1917
The Sun will give to the baseball-loving public of the two cities and vicinity its usual complete service on the World’s Series. This newspaper has arranged for a service on the day of the game. An Associated Press wire, direct from the playing fields at Chicago and New York to the New England newspapers will carry a story of the game in detail. A special extension will bring the instruments of the Associated Press operator to within a few feet of the Park street side of the building, where The Sun megaphone man will be stationed. As the wire clicks off the story, the A. P. operator reads them directly to the megaphone man. Everything is up to the minute, and only seconds behind the progress of the play on the big league diamonds. It is probable that the crowd in front of The Sun on October 7 will break all records for such an event here.

50 years ago, 1967
The local conviction that the Auburn-Lewiston area needs and deserves better air service has been confirmed by the preliminary report of the professional consultants now conducting a study of air transportation in our communities. It comes as no surprise to be told that more than a quarter of the local airline patronage does not go through the Auburn-Lewiston airport. Instead, that traffic is handled by Portland and Boston. The lack of adequate service in the past has brought on that situation

25 years ago, 1992
The largest single-piece sign that Neokraft Signs Inc. of Lewiston has made to order in its 45 years in business will be delivered Friday morning to J.J. Nissen Co. in Portland. The 400-square-foot red and white sign took more than six weeks to frame and sheathe. The12-foot by 32-foot sign, weighing 1,000 pounds and featuring the Nissen logo, is made of aluminum with a flexible vinyl-fabric face and has been designed to allow the company to illuminate it at night.

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