Produced by Dennis Camire

This week’s poem is by Carl Little of Somesville. His most recent book is “Ellsworth Suite.”


To the Lady Who Sets Out Lawn Ornaments Every Morning

By Carl Little


Alpha leader, how lost

in thought you seem, placing

black silhouettes of dogs

wearing neck bandannas

across the grass, arranging

Canada geese in a comely flock

that fools a few folks driving by,

yours an art of proper placement,

the right number of figurines,

not too many Tweety Birds.


Trolls regard mini lighthouses and

whirligigs make a fine racket

along the route after a truck

goes rushing by toward Bar Harbor.

Cars distort in blue glass globes

reminding you of mirrors at the fair

that thin you down to nothing.

A little black bear clinging

to a post is your favorite, not

because the animal’s so cunnin’

but because you can relate

to a creature holding on

for dear life every day.


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