JAY — Two local women face charges after police responded to separate domestic disturbances involving alcohol Friday night, Sgt. Russell Adams said Monday, reading from officer Dylan Rider’s report.

Carol Welch, 48, was arrested on a felony charge of assault for kicking an officer, he said. She was also arrested on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence assault, criminal mischief and refusing to submit to arrest, he said.

Police responded at 10:21 p.m. to Mossy Lane where a man reported his girlfriend had been drinking and told him she set a fire to burn the house down. He also reported she tried to hit him with a rock outside the residence and it missed and hit the house, Adams said.

The boyfriend went downstairs and there was no fire.

Welch was taken to a hospital when she complained her back was injured when her boyfriend pushed her to prevent her from getting into the house, Adams said.

Welch was visibly impaired and had blood under her fingernails from scratching her boyfriend, Adams said. There were no visible injuries to Welch, he said.

After Welch was medically cleared from a Farmington hospital, she refused to get dressed and went into the bathroom and activated the assistance alarm, he said.

Rider and officer Wil Herrin had to physically remove her from the hospital and while doing so, Welch kicked hospital doors and knocked them off the track, Adams said.

Police tried to calm her down and that is when she landed a hard kick to Rider, he said.

Once Welch was in the cruiser and on the way to the jail, she peed in the backseat, he said.

In the second case, Rider and Herrin responded at 9:23 p.m. to a report of a domestic disturbance on Hidden Circle.

A lot of yelling and banging could be heard over an open phone line at the residence where Sharron Wallace, 30, lives with her father and boyfriend.

Police learned there was an active arrest warrant for Wallace.

When Wallace’s father opened the door to police, he was irate with his daughter, Adams said reading from Rider’s report. Wallace and her boyfriend, who was not involved in the disturbance, Adams said, had fled the residence.

Wallace is accused of ripping the door to the mobile home off of its hinges, he said.

Wallace, who had a strong odor of alcohol, was found hiding in a vehicle at the residence.

She was arrested on the warrant charging failure to appear, and misdemeanor charges of violation of conditions of release, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. A conviction on the criminal mischief charge carries a penalty of up to 364 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

When police and Wallace were on the way to the jail, she spit and vomited in the cruiser,  Adams said. 

Wallace was taken to the jail and had to be subdued with pepper spray, he said.

In August, Wallace was arrested by Jay police on several charges, including endangering the welfare of a child. She was accused of using her young child as a shield as she tried to evade arrest, police said then.

Wilton police assisted at both incidents Friday and Livermore Falls police also assisted with the Hidden Circle incident.

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