Medicaid saved my daughter’s life when she was born. When she was eight days old, we learned that she had gastric emptying delay and couldn’t keep any milk down, plus, she was lactose intolerant. She was literally starving to death as a baby. Medicaid fed her and provided the health care she needed so that she could survive.

She is now a beautiful 23-year-old woman, working full time and supporting herself. She is the whole package and a perfect example of what can happen when the public invests in people.

Our Medicaid coverage at the time also meant that I could take care of my own health issues while I was getting back on my feet as a single mom and a full-time student.

Medicaid saves lives, period.

I urge everyone to vote “yes” on Question 2 in November so that thousands of Maine families can get health care coverage. It is a win-win for all Mainers, their communities and the economy.

Pam Fisher, Sabattus

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