FARMINGTON — The Farmington Recreation Department recently completed their soccer season and would like to thank its volunteer coaches. They JP Tshamala, Yussuf Adow, Sylvia Brooks, Luke and Nicole Kellett, Heather Ingraham-Quimby, Sabine Klein, Andy and Yvette Robinson, Tara Fakhoury-Bryant, Matt Wotton, Katie Fournier, Cristi DeMarco, Erica Ingrisano, Velda Yashirmo, Erin and Jared Norton, Scott Erb, Andrea Downing, John Logan, Bill Tanner and Jordon Norton.

These coaches put in a lot of their own free time and to make this soccer season extremely fun and successful. Also, the department would like to thank our referees, Avery Isbell, Zackary Lavoie, Madison Doody and Hunter Bolduc for refereeing all six matches.

During Medal Madness, the Farmington Rec. Dept. presented two awards, the John Boutilier Memorial Award and the Jimmy Joe Allen Memorial Award.

The John Boutilier Award represents a favorite fan that demonstrates enthusiasm and support through the entire length of the soccer program. This year, Ilze Balodis was the recipient of this award. She has two granddaughters who have gone through the Farmington Youth Soccer programs and is always cheering from the sidelines for both teams, complimenting and expressing gratitude to our coaches and refereeing staff. She is overall a wonderful and positive role model on the sidelines.

The co-recipients of the Jimmy Joe Allen Award were coaches Katie Fournier and Erica Ingrisano. Both individuals are in their second year of volunteering for the Farmington Recreation Department as coaches and are always helping before and after games and practices, positively influencing their players. They the extra mile for their teams to make sure each child had an amazing soccer season.

Overall, the soccer season was a major success and the Farmington Recreation Department plans on implementing more improvements each year in order to offer an exceptional program that helps the participants grow as athletes.

More Pictures and videos can be found on the Farmington Parks and Recreation Department’s Facebook page

Players going after the ball at a recent Farmington Rec. Department soccer game

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