* A car driven by Emily D. Dyer, 23, of Yarmouth went off the roadway into a ditch, 6:48 a.m. Wednesday on Riverside Drive. Dyer’s 2005 Toyota was towed.

* Vehicles driven by Raymond Fongemie, 77, of Lisbon, Daniel R, Lindahl, 48, of Auburn and Brianna Barlow, 23, of Auburn collided, 9:49 a.m. Wednesday on Minot Avenue. Damages to the 2003 Ford passenger van driven by Fongemie and owned by United Ambulance Service of Lewiston and to Barlow’s 2009 Nissan were listed as minor. The 2007 Ford SUV driven by Lindahl and owned by Cathleen H. Barry of Auburn was towed.


* Vehicles driven by Mason Giroux, 27, of Lewiston and Courtney A. Dubois, 22, of Lewiston collided, 6 p.m. Wednesday on Russell Street. The 2006 GMC pickup truck driven by Giroux and owned by Giroux and Family Masonry Inc. of Lewiston and the 2008 Saturn SUV driven by Dubois and owned by Jamie Dubois of Lewiston were towed.

* Vehicles driven by Joshua R. Card, 29, of Clearfield, Utah, and Emile Ntitanguranwa, 31, of Lewiston collided, 8:14 a.m. Wednesday on Westminster Street. Damage to the 2012 International Harvester flatbed truck driven by Card and owned by Industrial Roofing of Lewiston was listed as minor. Ntitanguranwa’s 2013 Volkswagen was towed.  

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