I don’t want to rub it in, but Bag Lady went to Christmas Tree Shops this week.

There was sweet $10 off $50 savings. Bluetooth-enabled knit beanies. Vats of peanut butter mixed with dark chocolate.

I know, I know. It still stings a bit that it’s not here in L-A.

Despite our most fervent wishes and enticements — OK, I’m not sure what we’ve actually tried for enticements, but let’s at least offer to buy them pancakes — the state holds steady at just three Christmas Tree Shops, in Augusta, South Portland and Bangor. Somehow, Lewiston-Auburn has called and CTS has taken the phone off the hook, set it on table and decided to catch up on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” instead.

But hey, this isn’t the season for bitterness! (Well, not much bitterness …) And it is the season for savings! (Much savings, preferably.)

So in the holiday spirit, for those ready to make the trip to Augusta, Bag Lady this week cavorted in the aisles with Good-Buy Girl (blast from the past! Still just as fabulous) to scout for potential Christmas goodness.

Ready, set, pop!

• Coastal Maine Popcorn Co. popcorn, 5 oz., $4.49

Three immediate reactions upon seeing these pretty bags of orange cranberry, caramel apple and Parmesan garlic flavors:

1) Why have I never heard of this company?

2) How cool is it to be shopping at a chain and supporting a Maine business?

3) Will this many fit in my cart?

Aaaaaand … bought.

(The Boothbay Harbor company’s website also offers white chocolate cranberry, root beer, dill pickle and chocolate bacon. Can your new favorite snack be something you’ve never tasted? Because, hello, chocolate bacon popcorn.) 

• Football-shaped snowball mold, $1.99

Make six football-shaped snowballs inside of 60 seconds or spend hours trying to carve those little laces on top yourself. Best spend your vacation time wisely.

• Wicked Good Cup from Maine, $4.99

Made of hard plastic, this looks like a red Solo cup, just a tiny bit smaller, and it’s recommended “for sodahs, beeyahs & hahd lickah.”

Basically, Bag Lady found your Yankee Christmas swap gift. You’re welcome.

• Wall of teas, $1.99 and up

Sure, we’re talking green tea, chai and classic Earl Grey. But we’re also talking lemon cake, strawberry cheesecake, pumpkin spice, eggnog, salted caramel and dozens of other flavors. They have SO MUCH TEA. Stockings stuffed.

• Whistle key finder, $3

Lose your keys again? Just whistle and this little doodad beeps and flashes a red light. Now, to hook these to my TV remotes …

• Black bear Christmas stocking, $7.99

Stood out among the copious stocking offerings with all-faux fur and a plush black bear face sticking out. For the UMaine grad in your life.

• Memory foam travel pillow, $4.99

Patterned, compact and crazy dense, for the jet-setter in your life. Really want to go all-out? (which is defined as spending $5 more.) Grab the matching memory foam pillow, blanket and fluffy socks combo.

• Bluetooth knit beanies, $12.99

In colors like gray and buffalo plaid, this slouchy beanie has built-in headphones, a microphone and a rechargeable battery with USB charger. As hats go, it’s doing A LOT.

Best find: Peanut Butter & Co. specialty peanut butter, 16 oz., $3.69

Holding on to your fluffy socks? These jars mix classic PB with honey (The Bee’s Knees), cayenne pepper and chili powder (The Heat Is On), pumpkin spice or dark chocolate. Bag Lady grabbed two of the latter, one for myself, one to gift. You know, just to confirm it’s as fabulous as suspected.

Think twice: About giving up on us, Christmas Tree Shops!

We’re serious about buying you those pancakes.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who conveniently love popcorn) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

You can snag three flavors of Coastal Maine Popcorn Co. popcorn at the Christmas Tree Shops in Augusta — shop big, support local.