Lewiston’s best opportunity, both to tackle its big challenges and use its many resources, is to elect Ben Chin as mayor.

Soon, he will reach his 100th night of talking and listening to people in their homes. Many residents shared heartbreaking stories of opioid addiction, and he’s presented ways the community might deal with it. He heard from residents about unsafe, unhealthy housing, and he’s insisted that landlords play by the same rules as other property owners do, and also be accountable via a city landlord registry.

Chin has also proposed property tax relief for seniors, single-family homeowners, responsible landlords and small businesses without raising taxes. He’s suggested a “job corps” where General Assistance recipients can do meaningful, skill-building work.

Those are examples of Chin’s thoughtful and compassionate approaches to Lewiston’s issues. Ben Chin knows this community better than many, and the community knows him better, too. It is his time.

James Lysen, Lewiston

Editor’s note: Lysen is a volunteer with the Ben Chin campaign.

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