DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for someone who gives guitar lessons in the Lewiston-Auburn or Augusta area.

— Charles, no town

ANSWER: Main Street Music at 134 Main St. in Auburn was recommended to me by musician Denny Breau. You will find instructors there who teach a wide array of all the string instruments. Names you may recognize are Steve Grenier, Troy Hanscom, Darren Hicks and Rich Keene. Their information can be found at Contact them at 376-3376.

Denny also gives lessons when he’s not too busy playing gigs in western Maine. He can be reached at [email protected]

My musician friend Greg Boardman also recommended Ken Lebreque, who teaches at Bates College in Lewiston. Ken can be reached at [email protected]

If an instructor in the Augusta area is more convenient for you, a great resource is Maine In-home Music Lessons. Yes, the instructors come right to you! Richard Corson, Chris Chasse and Eric Bettencourt are at your service. Go to for more information. The phone number is 671-0055.

Readers, what are your recommendations? Let’s get them in the Sun Spots Rolodex!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I watched a bunch of shows on the History Channel, including “Ice Road Truckers.” One trucker, Darrell Ward, is not on any more. I also watch “Mountain Men” and Preston Roberts is not on any more. Gabe Rygaard is no longer on “Ax Men,” a show about loggers out West. I heard all three have died. Could you find out what happened to them?

— No name, Peru

ANSWER: It’s sad to have to give you all this news. Darrell Ward died at age 52 in a plane crash on Aug. 28, 2016, as he was headed to Missoula, Montana, after appearing at The Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas. This reality television personality was a truck driver featured on “Ice Road Truckers” from 2012 until his death. He was from Deer Lodge, Montana.

Preston Roberts of “Mountain Men” fame worked with Eustace Conway on Turtle Island Preserve in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. He had cancer and died on July 24, 2017, after suffering complications from an inoperable tumor on his liver. He was 60 years old.

Lastly, Gabriel Rygaard from “Ax Men” died at the age of 44 on Sept. 16, 2016. He was a victim in a three-vehicle collision on U.S. Highway 101 near Port Angeles, Washington. It was reported that he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Rygaard and his family owned and operated Rygaard Logging.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My father-in-law worked at MGM Studios for 41 years long ago. I have come across a Christmas Gift booklet from the MGM Studio Club that has U.S. Savings Bond stamps in it. Can you tell me if this is worth a little money now? Where would I find out about this? Thanks so much. I love reading your column.

— Dorothy, no town

ANSWER: Your financial institution should be able to assist you. You don’t say how many stamps are in the book but you can use it toward a $50 savings bond. You may also want to consider having it appraised by an antique dealer. It could be worth more to you if you sell it as a piece of Hollywood memorabilia. Let us know what happens!

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