Waterford Board of Selectmen

Dec. 11, 2017

Waterford Town Office

Fireworks Ordinance

What happened: Resident and Fireworks Committee member Charlie Tarbell presented a revised copy of the proposed fireworks ordinance to selectmen. Discussion around permit issuance focused on potentially coordinating fireworks and burn permits. If the permit were to be issued months in advance, and the conditions proved unsuitable for use of the explosives, then the permit could be voided by a fire marshal on the town’s website.

What it means: The committee has a suggested schedule of fines for violations based on the one Norway has put in place. A few people suggested fines higher than $2,500 if the offending party is responsible for a fire that requires great cost to extinguish. County and state authorities would enforce the ordinance.

What’s next: A public hearing will be held Monday, Jan. 8, at the Town Office.

Land Trust 

What happened: Lee Dassler, executive director of Western Foothills Land Trust, addressed residents and selectmen concerning recent forestry activity and the use management plan on the newly acquired 163-acre parcel on and around Hawk Mountain. in Waterford.

What it means: Dassler explained that the land trust is harvesting the parcel to generate revenue to maintain and develop hardened trails and distinct parking and signs. There was much discussion surrounding which trails are illegally used as roads by trucks and jeeps and the ways in which trails can be blocked and still remain multi-use for snowmobiles and ATVs.

What’s next: Resident and Planning Board member Colin Holme suggested that blocking the main logging road at its entrance this year is a good idea to discourage sudden heavy use on fragile terrain. Dassler made it clear that the land trust is interested in working with the town and its residents to come to a mutual agreement on a plan for the trails.

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