BETHEL — In early fall of 2017, things seemed to be going well for Amanda Hart of Albany Township. She had recently married the man she had spent the past 14 years with, received a promotion at work, and was on her way to buying a house.

She had let Jesus into her heart in May, with the help of Pastor Kevin Bellinger at the Bethel Alliance Church, and was happy with the feelings her faith brought her.

“Upon meeting with Pastor Kevin and taking the step to open myself up to allow Jesus into my heart, it became clear that attending church is where I needed to be,” Hart said. “My husband and I have had a rough start in life and raising children. Not always making the right decisions led to some pretty rough roads. Learning to pray, asking forgiveness, and looking forward to the future my family needed are just a few things The Bethel Alliance Church has been there to help us with, and teach us about what faith in God can do.”

Then life decided to test her faith. On Sept. 22, Hart was in a car accident that left her with a broken right arm, broken hip, pelvis and hip socket, broken ribs and facial fractures.

She had surgery the next day on her arm to repair it with plates and screws, and was put in traction for three days until surgery could be done on her hip. After the hip surgery, she required radiation treatment to eliminate any remaining bone fragments so they did not end up in her blood stream.

She was hospitalized for 12 days, and went home to her mother’s for round-the-clock care.


“My recovery has been done without narcotic pain medications, due to a battle I fought years back,” Hart said. “This was not easy without medication, but I was able to do this with help of prayer, family and the encouragement of my best friend.”

She was told she wouldn’t walk for six months, but thanks to prayer, family, and friends, she was walking and back to work by Dec. 21.

“I thank God, my family and my church for helping me to become strong enough in my mind, my heart, and my soul,” she said. “Without His help, I would not be here for my family or to raise my children. Life does surprise us each and every day with the grace of God and family.”

Amanda Hart of Albany Township on her wedding day. (Submitted photo)

Power of faith

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