100 years ago, 1917
Lewiston is treated as unfit for self-government. Lewiston ought to appeal to the State in the 1918 election to elect a Legislature that will repeal the Police Commission law and leave Lewiston free to select her own police control. If there was ever a time when party rivalries ought to be set aside and the voters get together as one party, this is the time. Lewiston ought to elect to the Legislature men who will make it too uncomfortable for Legislators who refuse Lewiston her rights. A Lewiston man should refuse to serve on a police commission appointed by the Governor, a change in control that Lewiston was not allowed to vote on. The first duty of Lewiston is to fight for emancipation.

50 years ago, 1967
Auburn police issued a warning Friday against the use of power snowsleds on railroad rights-of-way after authorities had received complaints of such activities. Sgt. John W. Jordan said such travel by the snow vehicles is prohibited due to the danger involved with the possibility the snow vehicle could not get off the right-of-way to avoid an oncoming train. The Grand Trunk Railway had complained earlier in the day to authorities that snow vehicles were traveling along the right-of-way, for the most part between the two rails. Railroad officials said the snow vehicles have became a nuisance and Auburn police reported that in one instance the railroad had to hire a man to keep the vehicles off a section of track.

25 years ago, 1992
The Auburn school department dodged a potentially budget-busting bullet Monday when an underground fuel tank at the transportation center on Drummond Street was found to be intact and in need of only minor repairs. With the exception of its filler pipe, the condition of the 10,000-gallon unleaded fuel tank was determined to be adequate, enabling school officials to postpone for now the planned replacement of the giant, bare-steel drum. The other underground tank at the transportation center, which cost almost $60,000 to install 18 months ago, is made of fiberglass.

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