RANGELEY — The Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society has received a generous $10,000 grant from the H. King & Jean Cummings Charitable Fund. This grant, sponsored by the Maine Community Foundation, will help the Society by ensuring the position of a joint curator to work between the Historical Society’s two museums, the Rangeley History Museum and the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum in Oquossoc. Additionally, the grant will help provide increased funding for further engagement with the University of Maine at Farmington’s Partnership for Civic Advancement by extending the length of service of internships for the upcoming 2018 season. Internships are mutually beneficial, providing valuable hands-on learning experiences for up to three students while providing the Society’s museums with assistance in a wide variety of efforts.

The Historical Society and its two museums have experienced tremendous growth over the past three years, in large part due to the increase in community-focused historical events and presentations.

“We’re very excited to have received this significant grant from the King & Jean Cummings Charitable Fund and we’re so grateful that they acknowledge our needs to meet the growth that we’ve experienced as an organization and were willing to invest in our operations and programs to continue the trend,” shared Bill Pierce, RLRHS executive director.

In Summer 2017, The Historical Society hosted over 25 special events, including an innovative viewing party in partnership with the Maine State Museum where guests saw 19th Century stereoscopic photographs displayed in 3-D for the first time. The Historical Society will again offer this event featuring over 80 new images as well as several new programs and exhibits for the 2018 season. Other annual events have continued to see growth and success, such as the regional student-oriented Rangeley Regatta and the Saturday Summer Series in which artists, fly-tiers, authors and guest speakers visit each Saturday to either of the two museums. The H. King & Jean Cummings grant will ensure these and future community engagements continue to make the Western Maine Mountain’s rich outdoor history fun and accessible.

The Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society is a 501-3C nonprofit located on Main Street. The Rangeley History Museum in Rangeley and the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum in Oquossoc operate from May to September. Questions, comments and donation inquiries may be directed to Executive Director Bill Pierce, at 207-491-4771.

The Rangeley History Museum in Rangeley and the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum in Oquossoc, pictured, operate from May to September.