DEAR SUN SPOTS: In reference to your Feb. 5 Sun Spots, we have a library copy of the 1955 yearbook. Copies of pages can be made for your reader’s memories. Contact us at 207-353-3030 x 0.

— Michelle, Lisbon High School, Lisbon

ANSWER: Thank you so much for looking for that yearbook, Michelle! It makes me smile to think of our reader reconnecting with that blast from the past.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have to say I went to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts yesterday for the very first time. I have heard a lot about them and had to try them out. I had just one glazed doughnut and it was wonderfully light and tasty, not heavy like other places. This is just my 2 cents’ worth.

Thank you for being here for all of us!

— Karen, no town

ANSWER: This comment is a follow-up from our reader who asked about Krispy Kreme in yesterday’s Sun Spots. The doughnut shop has yet another fan!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Recently I have seen customers bringing their dogs and cats into grocery, department and hardware stores. For example, this past Sunday the grocery store was packed with customers buying items for the Super Bowl. Two customers had a large, unleashed dog they were allowing to walk freely wherever it wanted. Another time, I saw a woman holding her dog over the salad bar, allowing him to sniff the salad items.

Not only do I find this distasteful, but also disrespectful to those who have service animals. Please respond to this issue.

— Jeanne, Auburn

ANSWER: Any concerns of this kind should always be taken to the manager of the establishment so they can be addressed properly and expeditiously. Store managers want to serve their customers in the best way possible and can’t do that if you don’t let them know about your shopping experience. This goes for passing on compliments as well as complaints.

I, too, have seen more and more people out in public places with their furry family members in tow. In places of commerce, such as hardware stores and local businesses, welcoming pets, or not, is at the discretion of management. Sometimes a sign on the door lets customers know whether the business is pet-friendly. In addition to pet supply stores, many large chains have adopted a pet-friendly policy. Macy’s, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Footlocker and Old Navy are a few.

According to, Maine law regarding animals in public places states that “it is unlawful for any person to bring an animal into a store where food is sold for human consumption or into a restaurant where food is prepared and served on the premises. This does not apply to a person requiring the services of a service animal.”

Readers, especially business owners, feel free to voice your opinions. Just please keep it constructive.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for wallet-size calendars. Can you help?

— Barbara, Bethel

ANSWER: In a recent Sun Spots, I suggested readers check out their financial institutions for these handy little calendars. Many banks and credit unions offer these free to their customers as do places such as medical offices and hair salons. I have also seen them for sale at the Dollar Store and Staples.

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