DEAR SUN SPOTS: Why did weatherman Keith Carson leave the Weather Channel and return to Maine?

— No name, no town

ANSWER: Although Keith Carson liked his three-year stint with the Weather Channel while in Atlanta, according to a 2016 Portland Press Herald article, he is quoted as saying that the constant travel got to be too much and he and his wife wanted to be more settled. Another factor is that Keith finds forecasting New England weather to be hard to replicate anywhere else in the country, and he enjoys the way Mainers care about the weather and interact with him. And we enjoy Keith Carson, so it’s a win-win!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What has happened to Mallory Brooke? She hasn’t been on Channel 8 in a while.

— Paula, no town

ANSWER: Former WMTW Channel 8 meteorologist Mallory Brooke left the station after forecasting the weather for six and a half years to work in a weather-consulting business she developed, Nor’easter Weather Consulting ( She is working directly with Maine weather-dependent businesses such as local ski areas and offers services that help pinpoint the weather on your wedding day!

Mallory plans to fill in at WMTW from time to time, according to a December 2017 interview on radio station WHOM 94.9.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you have any idea why the Patriots logo is called the Flying Elvis?

— No name, no town

ANSWER: Well, if you look at the logo that the Patriots have used since 1993, you can see a profile that looks a lot like Elvis Presley, complete with sideburns. It’s become a tradition to call it Flying Elvis. I think it looks pretty darn sharp.

Sorry about the Super Bowl, all you Patriots fans.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can you tell me if there is someone in either the Lewiston-Auburn or Portland area who repairs luggage? I have a carry-on bag with a handle that is stuck. I can see what the issue is but I can’t fix it. Thanks!

— Laurie, no town

ANSWER: I have had the handle stuck in the down position on one of my bags and fixed it myself after watching a YouTube video online. I unzipped the suitcase lining and found that one of the tubes that the handle slides down into was bent. I was able to straighten it quickly and easily. If you have the handle stuck in the up position, you may need to remove a couple of screws and check out the little sprocket that coordinates with the button on the handle. Check out the videos and you’ll see what I mean.

You can also get in touch with the manufacturer of your carry-on and see if they can help you. They may send you a new handle or even a new bag. It never hurts to ask!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have not been seeing many chickadees at our feeders. Where are they?

— Gail, Auburn

ANSWER: In the fall, Sun Spots received many questions about our feathered friends. They were simply being well-fed by Mother Nature! You should be seeing more chickadees by now.

A great resource for bird questions is the Maine Audubon Society at Gilsland Farm in Falmouth (

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