RUMFORD — Have you dreamed of having super powers? Have you ever tucked a towel into the back of your shirt collar and run around pretending to fly? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a hero?

Super Heroes and Villains will gather at 49 Franklin during a special afternoon on Sunday, Feb. 25. Doors will open at 4:30 p.m.

Local performers Scot Grassette and Nick Graham have assembled an incredible presentation of super hero and villain powers that have only been seen in comic books and movies.

Be amazed at the live feats of strength. Wonder at the ability of an audience volunteer as they instantly heal wounds much like Dead Pool or Wolverine. Witness the power of the mind as it moves objects, bends metal and has the ability to read thoughts. X-ray vision only seemed possible in the comics and movies but see it live in this show along with many other super powers and lots of audience participation. There will also be lots of fun super hero games.

Audience members are encouraged to represent their favorite super hero or villain by wearing shirts and hats; go all out and wear the entire costume; or simply come as they are. “The Fantastic Photo Booth” makes people or their heroes appear to do incredible things. Prints will be available for purchase, as well as a special menu for dinner that will appeal to both young and older super heroes and villains.

Admission for all ages is $5 in advance, available at Bartash’s and All That Jazz and on line at, and $6 day of show.

Magician Scot Grassette summons his magical powers to display at the Super Heroes and Villains Show, Sunday, Feb. 25. at 49 Franklin in Rumford.

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