MEXICO — The Police Department has received three grants to pay for extra patrols for drunken-driving, distracted driving and seatbelt enforcement through Labor Day, Chief Roy Hodsdon said.

The $12,200 is from the Bureau of Highway Safety to be used as follows:

• $4,500 for OUI patrols. In 2017, Hodsdon said Mexico police issued 19 summonses and there were 10 OUI-related crashes;

• $4,700 for distracted-driving patrols. Hodsdon said the fines are $325 for the first offense and $625 for the second; and

• $3,000 for seatbelt checks in the department’s Click It or Ticket program. Hodsdon said fines are $85 for first offense, $175 for second and $325 for third.