STRONG — The town website will be operating within weeks, developer Greg Siekman told selectmen Tuesday night.

“It’s pretty much at the bare-bones stage right now,” he said. “That’s where I need information from you folks.’

Siekman presented suggestions for design and format of the site and requested information from department representatives to add to it.

People will be able to click on links for area recreation, town meeting information, events, ordinances and forms they can download and print.

Siekman showed selectmen his layout and suggested they review the web pages for the town of New Portland for similar design and content. They offered suggestions for content, including recreational, historical, civic and business information resources.

People frequently call the Town Office for information about building setback rules or how to contact the plumbing inspector, Selectman Mike Pond said.

Selectman Rod Spiller suggested the site contain links to nearby lodging.

Town Clerk Betsy DuBois suggested Siekman add documents residents could download and complete without having to come to the Town Office.

The website address will be

In other matters, highway foreman Duayne Boyd updated selectmen on the costs to replace the aging one-ton truck, with estimates and trade-ins for a Dodge and a Chevrolet model coming in at $34,000 and under. The truck probably will not pass inspection in August, he said.

Selectmen approved minor changes to the new credit card use policy for town employees. Attorney Frank Underkuffler has advised selectman and board Chairman Dick Worthley on details that protect employees and the town against misuse, and for accurate and timely record keeping.

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