Why does Maine have a congressman in office who supports the wealthy and corporations, but not the middle class or the poor?

Rep. Bruce Poliquin isn’t my congressman. He may represent the Second District, but he doesn’t represent my values or many other Mainers’ values in Washington.

My values include liberty, community, compassion and taking care of one another.

Maine needs a U.S. representative who will fight for Mainers; who will support the people of Lewiston and across the state. Poliquin isn’t doing his job.

It is wrong that he has voted for measures that would hurt people like myself who depend on Medicaid. He has voted to take away health care from thousands of Mainers such as myself, while, at the same time, voting for huge tax breaks for the wealthy and for corporations.

Mainers should have someone representing them in Congress who is fighting for everyone in Maine, not just friends on Wall Street. Poliquin has voted to cut many critical programs that many Mainers depend upon.

I hope others are paying attention as closely as I am to the many hurtful votes Poliquin has taken while in Washington.

Kenny Derboghosian, Lewiston

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