Desperate to justify their votes, supporters of President Donald Trump tout economic prosperity under their guy. But let us not forget three other factors: the recovery started and gained steam under President Barack Obama; markets for U.S. products in the rest of the industrialized world are expanding; and Janet Yellen, former Federal Reserve chair, clamped a lid on interest rates to boost job growth.

Then there’s national security “leadership.” Russia mounted a devastating cyber attack, and President Trump, commander-in-chief, won’t counterattack, not even verbally. Wonder why.

How about moral leadership? Trump:

• Bragged about victimizing women, 19 of whom have come forward;

• Tweets taunts at opponents because he lacks the intellectual chops to debate policy matters in depth;

• Brings lowbrow, shallow, reality-show theatrics to the national political conversation;

• Sidled up to the Russian oligarchy to get funding for a luxury hotel in Moscow, according to a Feb. 26 article in The New Yorker;

• Mocked war hero John McCain for getting captured. As a Vietnam veteran, I resent that.

So it is no surprise that past and current members of the American Political Science Association recently rated Trump as the worst-ever president (and put Obama and Ronald Reagan in the top 10).

You get what you vote for.

Dave Griffiths, Mechanic Falls

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