As people continue to be educated about the extend of sexual assault and sexual harassment in this country, I see a variety of people using #MeToo on social media and in the press. I feel that many people were raised to be much too polite and that is why, when a person comes at another in inappropriate ways, people often remain silent about it and hide instead.

I think, more appropriately, this national crisis should be called #MeNeither.

I had an acquaintance make an unwanted advance at me two years ago, and I have worked hard to be invisible since then, avoiding this individual and everyone he knows. Unfortunately, my aggressor continues to harass me.

When someone harasses you, do you make a loud scene in public to alert others to the danger you are feeling? #MeNeither.

Do you tell people who know your aggressor about his or her behavior? #MeNeither.

Do you think the police have enough power to help victims? #MeNeither.

We need to shift the national discussion to empowerment. Those people facing harassment should not go away quietly. Be loud. Report everything when it happens. Take self-defense courses. They should tell everyone who knows them what is going on so they can help with protection.

Does anyone think they can handle all that alone? #MeNeither.

Wendy Coffey-Slattery, Sweden

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