I am an extremely frustrated Maine voter. I don’t understand how Rep. Bruce Poliquin could vote in favor of a tax plan that benefits the wealthiest and threatens the survival of the most vulnerable. While giving the wealthy huge tax breaks, the GOP plans to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to fund that.

Receiving Social Security myself, I struggle to make ends meet. Cutting my funds would force me to live on the streets. I have Addison’s Disease and take medication that keeps me alive. Without health insurance, I will die.

Sen. Susan Collins received the majority of the attention for her vote supporting the GOP tax plan. I don’t believe Rep. Poliquin should be able to fly under the radar. After all, he also voted in favor of that horrendous bill.

Poliquin’s affirmative nod was in the best interest of himself and his corporate friends to line their deep pockets with taxpayer money, as well as leaving an extraordinary amount of debt for future generations. If Poliquin wants to lobby for corporate giants, he should go work for them. Evidently public service isn’t for him because he has forgotten that he works for the people of Maine.

I am frustrated with the Maine politicians who have chose to turn their backs on their constituents. Hopefully, Poliquin will get his due justice.

Gina Morin, Lewiston

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