LIVERMORE — Fire Chief Donald Castonguay shared his department’s equipment needs and the impact to his budget with selectpersons Tuesday night.

Castonguay said the motor on the Rescue 4 door opener is broken. Door companies won’t fix it because it no longer meets code. He has received a quote to replace it for $2,200.

“It has eyes that say when the door is open or closed,” he said.

Castonguay expects his budget will increase next year because 20 oxygen bottles need to be replaced. They were obtained through a grant and their 15-year life expectancy expires next fall. Eight used bottles have been purchased that have five years remaining but 12 new ones are needed.

“New ones cost about $1,000,” he said. “The wage hike will increase my budget too,” he said.

Engine 1 went to a facility for an inspection Tuesday and Castonguay will get a quote to refurbish it, he said.


“The truck is 15 years old. With refurbishing we should get another 15. The motor and pump are fine, but the wiring and frame need work.

“Squad 4 is a work in progress, but working good. The scene lighting was upgraded on it. It was used for an extrication on Round Pond Road. It made it seem like daylight,” Castonguay said.

He said the fire station needs lights because what’s there make it hard to work.

Castonguay said he has trouble finding help during the day and he’s down to 17 firefighters.

He would like to trade the forestry truck for a 4-wheel-drive mini-pumper with an air foam system.

“We have some long driveways that we can’t get to with these big trucks,” he said. “It could buy us some time to get a bigger hose there. They’re free trucks, but we might have to go halfway across the country to get one.”


Selectperson Chairman Tom Gould asked if $14,000 would be enough extra for this year.

Castonguay said he expected it would.

The board voted unanimously to hire Mark Dubord of Livermore to install new lights in the fire station. Administrative Assistant Amy Byron said he quoted $2,980 for the work, which he can do on a Saturday. The town will receive a $1,500 rebate.

In other business, Gould recommended the town office be notified of planned events. He received complaints during a fishing derby on Long Pond where people drove trucks across people’s property and dogs were running about.

“A lot of aggravation could be eliminated if some advance notice is given,” he said. “You’re not obligated but it’s a good idea and could give free publicity for the event.”

Byron said the town wouldn’t get involved unless the event was large enough for the mass gathering ordinance.

Events could be posted in the Town Office and on the Facebook page.

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