Why are innocent children being abused in this country? Even if people report abuse, those who check don’t see the abuser. The abuser is smart and will fool the person who does the checking. A hidden camera would reveal some surprises.

When children are pulled out of school for no reason, that should be a red flag, but nobody checks on those children.

An abusive parent can control and punish the children, as well as his or her spouse. A sure sign is if the person keeps family members away and former friends.

Children are being beaten, and nobody will know.

City or state officials should visit unannounced if there is any suspicion of child abuse. Some signs to look for are children who are underweight for their age; who won’t answer a question without checking first with the abuser — the children know what will happen to them later if they say the wrong thing.

Even if children scream for help, nobody is there for them.

Wake up, America; protect the children.

Mary Ann Michaud, Lewiston

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