WEST PARIS  — Jim Scott, musician, storyteller and creator of the Pete Seeger Songfest, will lead the 9 a.m. worship service on March 25 at the First Universalist Church of West Paris. His theme will be “Turning Toward the Sun — Rebirth of Light and the New Year.”

Scott intersperses songs and personal reflections on the season with a spiritual, ecological awareness. From appreciating the darkness to the longer days, his songs and poetry reaffirm our place in the amazing, continuing web of life.

Former co-chairman of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Ministry for the Earth, Scott helped create the “Green Sanctuary” program now undertaken by many UU congregations. He makes the case for “spiritual response” as people are facing a crisis of the life spirit of the earth.

Scott is the creator of the Pete Seeger Songfest and member of the Paul Winter Consort, composing many songs, including a favorite UU hymn, “Gather the Spirit.”

For more information about the church and services, contact Marta Clements, 207-674-2143, [email protected], or Bob Clifford, 207-674-3442, [email protected]

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Jim Scott

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