CHESTERVILLE — Voters at the March 12 annual town meeting approved pay raises for four employees, prompting Treasurer Erin Norton to give details on the amounts.

Norton said she worked for the town nine months last year, starting at $16 per hour, and was paid $1,025 per month as of July 1, 2017. Voters increased her salary to $1,500 per month this year.

“The flexibility of determining when I can work is worth giving up some money,” she said.

Town Clerk Pamela Griswold and Deputy Town Clerk Rachel Heseltine were each given $1 per hour raises.

Griswold will be paid $19 an hour for a 24-hour workweek. Her gross pay will go from $18,364.50 to $23,712.

Heseltine will be paid $18 an hour for a 20-hour workweek. Her gross pay will go from $11,385.75 to $18,720. She worked six and a half months last year and will work 12 months this year.


Letarte, who was hired this year, will be paid $14 an hour for an estimated 142 hours this year. Her gross pay will be $2,000.

Norton said Griswold and Heseltine don’t receive health insurance or overtime, but will receive one day of paid vacation after a year.

The municipal budget for 2018 is $937,232, with the amount to be raised by taxes $516,306. Anticipated revenue is $420,926, Norton said.

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