In a recent discussion with my 18-year-old granddaughter, she shared the experience of attending the March for Our Lives event in Portland and articulated her position on gun control in an informed and eloquent manner. She told me, “As I go to school every day, I think about what might happen if there was a shooter in my school.” She added “… it shouldn’t be like this; we shouldn’t have to worry about this.” She was adamant that teachers should not be armed, as that would make her feel even less safe and that is “… not what schools and teachers should be about.”

The reality of the impact that school shootings have on students hit home. To think that she and her peers live with that possibility every day is frightening.

Adults have the responsibility to advocate for reasonable gun control measures that address students’ fears and support the efforts of the young people who are spearheading the initiative.

Don’t get me wrong; neither me nor my granddaughter advocate stripping people of their guns as ours is a proud family of hunters and sportsmen. However, we do support legislation that addresses students’ concerns, for it is young people who are leading the charge.

It is past time to make a stand in how members of the public view the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership.

Let’s put an end to senseless violence in the schools and neighborhoods.

Anita Campbell, Monmouth

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