BRIDGTON — Gallery 302, 112 Main St., has a new artist, Audrey Jordan, who works primarily in watercolor. Jordan has lived in New England all her life. She is mostly self-taught and has also studied with local and nationally known artists.

Tube watercolors are her first choice of medium, though she also uses other watercolors, watercolor pencils, and various alcohol based inks. She also works in acrylics on watercolor paper and canvas and some of her work is multimedia with collage.

Impressionistic and abstract design forms the basis of her work. She doesn’t often paint the “real” but, instead, the illusion of the real. Her subject matter is the world around her. She tries to capture a certain mood, a moment in time or fragile memories in her mind’s eye. She loves color and texture. Depending on what her heart feels on a day that she is painting, it may be flowers with intricate petals, the sea with sunset, or storm, or animals. Hidden within any of these, if one looks closely, might be woodland nymphs, bears, dogs or even a native American or two.

For more information, call 207-647-2787 or visit

Watercolor artist Audrey Jordan

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