Buckfield Bucks

Coach: Sandy Albert (fifth year)

Class: D South Conference: EWC

Last year’s results: 15-3, lost in regional semifinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Carly Trimm, Cassidy Hart, Brittany Warren; Juniors — Hannah Shields, Julia Dow, Maggie Bragg, Kaylee Harvey; Sophomores — Deja Bennett, Molly Bourget, Katy Henderson, Chloe Warren

Key losses: Kali Litchfield, Abby Shields, Abby Fogg, Mae Kolln


Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Natalie Flores, Madison Hodgdon, Siana Jacobs, Cassidy Lowell, Cara Merrill, Shyloe Morgan

Season outlook: A semifinal loss to Greenville last year left a sour taste for Buckfield entering the offseason. The Bucks didn’t lose too many players from that team, and with a “very strong” freshmen class, Albert thinks they’ll be contenders again this year. Five Class C opponents on the schedule should help get the Bucks ready for the postseason.

Dirigo Cougars

Coach: Scott Underhill (second year)

Class: C South Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 3-13


Returning athletes: Juniors — Ashley Perrault (P/SS), Alexa Varnum (3B), Lillie Williams (INF/OF), Gabrielle White (C/OF); Sophomore — Katie Morse (1B/OF)

Key losses: Nicole Whitman, Madeline Degroot, Rebecca Dailey, Amber Ferris

Promising newcomers: Junior — Sophie Jacques (P/SS); Freshmen — Kailey Hackett (P/OF), Alexa Perrault (C/OF).

Season outlook: Underhill calls this year’s team “an athletic group,” and they’re working on being consistent, proficient and effective. The key to improving in Underhill’s second year will be confidence, pitching, aggressive defense and focus. Making the playoffs, as always, will be tough in Class C South with how difficult the MVC schedule can be for teams.

Edward Little Red Eddies

Coach: Elaine Derosby (14th year)


Class: A North Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 12-5, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Grace Beaudet (OF), Taylor Depot (SS/3B), Emma Lashua (C/OF), Maddie Thistlewaite (OF); Junior — Abby Russell (2B/OF); Sophomores — Caroline Hammond (3B/SS/P), Anna LeBlanc (C/1B), Chantel Ouellette (P/INF/OF), Leah Burtchell (INF)

Key losses: Kylie Bureau (P, All-KVAC), Olivia Jensen (OF, All-KVAC), Sam Herrick, Caleigh Copeland, Grace Russell

Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Jordan Cummings (C/1B); Freshman — Hannah Smith (P/INF/OF)

Season outlook: The Red Eddies graduated a couple all-conference players, but the rest of last year’s starting lineup from the No. 2 seed in A North returns, including three of the top five hitters. A trio of Ouellette, Hammond and Smith will fill the void in the circle left behind by Bureau, though Ouellette did see varsity pitching time last year. The Red Eddies will rely on their seniors to stay near the top of A North.


Gray-New Gloucester Patriots

Coach: Amanda Harmon (eighth year)

Class: B South Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: 11-7, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes: Senior — Alie Martell (P); Juniors — Alexa Thayer (C), Chelsea Davis (3B), Mikaela Ryan (CF); Sophomores — Lydia Espling (SS), Jordan Grant (1B/OF), Sydney Rodrigues (OF), Isabelle Brindley (2B/P)

Key losses: Haley True, Cara Waltz, Grace Kariotis, Hannah Dixon


Season outlook: The Patriots return eight players, but only of them were starters last year. There are plenty of holes to fill, but not the battery. Martell and Thayer return for another year together. Harmon hopes what she calls “a whole new camaraderie,” along with commitment and hard work, will allow the Patriots to give any opponent “a good battle.”

Hebon Academy Lumberjacks

Coaches: Katie Ftorek (10th year), Molly Paul (fifth year)

Conferences: NEPSAC, MAISAD

Last year’s results: 3-7, lost in MAISAD semifinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Eliza Beaudin (SS), Hadwin Belcher (C); Juniors — Franceska Halloran (P), Morgan Prentics (CF/C), Peyton Spurr (1B), Ziyi Wu (OF); Sophomores — Ainsley King (P), Sam Gumprecht (OF/P); Freshman — Corah Younk (OF/1B)


Key losses: Summer Surgent-Gough (CF)

Promising newcomers: Junior — Caroline Casola (OF); Freshman — Lilly Bergeron (OF)

Season outlook: The Lumberjacks won’t get much time on the field before their season starts, but Ftorek (back from a one-year maternity leave) has plenty of experienced players returning who hopefully won’t need much of a break-in period. King will be the No. 1 starter in the circle, but Ftorek and Paul have multiple arms to choose from.

Leavitt Hornets

Coach: Kevin Leonard (fourth year)

Class: B South Conference: KVAC


Last year’s results: 11-7, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Mackenzie Treadwell (C), Kassie Murch (SS), Hannah Chounard (C/INF); Juniors — Hannah DeBlois (INF/OF/P), Annika Mitchell (CF), Emily Swan (P/OF)

Key losses: Abby Robertson, Cassidy Bunker, Bri Noniewicz

Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Kayla Gnipp (INF); Freshmen — Leah Maheux (P/OF), Morgan Bilodeau (C/INF), Ginny Twitchell (INF)

Season outlook: Leonard had 42 girls come out for his program this spring, including a “strong freshmen group.” That means plenty of competition for roster spots and playing time. The Hornets return much of last year’s playoff team, and that experience will be key against some tough, new KVAC Class A and WMC opponents.

Lewiston Blue Devils


Coach: Mike Child (third year)

Class: A North Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 11-6, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily Mousseau (INF), Danielle Cyr (INF/OF), Lexi Poulin (INF), Meagan Gosselin (C), Jordyn Mynahan (3B), Meg Theriault (INF); Juniors — Madison Mercier (INF/OF), Kallie May (OF), Haileigh Simpson-Farrell (OF); Sophomores — Jordyn Rubin (OF), Kayce Hopper (INF), Kali Voss (OF)

Key losses: None

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Gemma Landry (INF), Abby Chartier (INF), Skylar Gelinas (INF)


Season outlook: The Blue Devils look to keep their growth going in Child’s third season. A big jump last year gave the team some confidence against the top teams in A North, as well as playoff experience. Lewiston has a big senior class whose leadership will be important to keep that steady improvement going. Child is ready for his team to take another big step forward this season.

Lisbon Greyhounds

Coach: Terri Tlumac (eighth year)

Class: C South Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 11-7, lost in regional semifinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Brittany Norman (SS), Morgan Fenderson (Util); Juniors — Mallory Fairbanks (INF), Carly Drischler (OF), Joanna Turner (OF); Sophomores — Giana Russo (INF), Kiley Merritt (INF)


Key losses: Jasmin Le (C), Alyssa Hall (P), Kipri Steele (INF), Hannah Martel (OF), Ali Sult (OF)

Promising newcomers: Junior — Sydney Plourde (OF); Freshmen — Sarah Haggerty (OF), Abby Miner (Util)

Season outlook: The Greyhounds were bit hard by graduation, losing their pitcher/catcher battery as well as a few fielders. Tlumac admits this could be a rebuilding year, and it will be on the underclassmen to rise to the challenge of filling those open holes.

Monmouth Mustangs

Coaches: Dave Kaplan and Mike Langlois (fifth year)

Class: C South Conference: MVC


Last year’s results: 13-5, lost in regional semifinals

Returning athletes: Senior — Emily Chasse (P/2B); Juniors — Mariah Herr (P/2B), Haylee Langlois (1B/INF), Abby Ferland (C/INF), Emily Kaplan (OF/INF), Deanna Bauer (Util/OF)

Key losses: Hannah Anderson (3B), Tia Day (SS), Rhiannon Dumond (OF)

Promising newcomers: Junior — Hazel Ortiz (Util); Sophomores — McKenzie Boucher (INF), Hayley Warner (Util); Freshmen — Emma Johnson (INF/OF), Abby Flanagan (P/INF/OF), Erin Gosselin (OF), Brooke Rooney (OF), Dani Dulac (Util), Mackenzie Brown (Util)

Season outlook: The Mustangs have a lot of new faces, and that will mostly affect how they set up in the field. They still have their No. 1 pitcher in Chasse and depth behind her. Monmouth is hoping to mix the returning core and the new players and hope to be playing their best as a team come the postseason.

Mt. Abram Roadrunners


Coach: Bridget Blood (second year)

Class: C South Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 2-13

Returning athletes: Seniors — Chenoa Savage (3B), Abby Holland (SS), Emma Berube (2B); Juniors — Kiley Holt (CF), Summer Ross (P), Maya Caron (C)

Key losses: None

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Camryn Wahl (OF), Madison Phelps (1B/OF)


Season outlook: Blood has everyone back from her first year at the helm of the Roadrunners, who have upperclassmen at key positions, including the pitcher/catcher battery and three out of four infielders. Blood called last season a building year, but she is looking for her team to contend for a playoff spot this year.

Mt. Blue Cougars

Coach: Ron Smith (third year)

Class: A North Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 2-14

Returning athletes: Seniors — Gracie Foss (INF), Samantha Ellis (OF); Juniors — Ashley Wiles (INF), Rylee Briggs (C), Macey Phillips (OF), Jacelyn Dagget (Util), Aislynn Provencher (Util), Adelle Foss (P/Util); Sophomore — Madisyn Smith (P/Util)


Key losses: Kayleigh Fontaine, Kas Barker, Taylor Burke

Promising newcomers: Juniors — Bradie Reynolds, Wylie Post, Amelia Frederic; Sophomores — Gianna Kennedy, Sidney Belanger

Season outlook: Smith returns a large junior class, and the team as a whole has gained valuable experience from the coach’s first two seasons at the helm. The sledding could still be tough, according to Smith, with no easy games in Class A North. The Cougars are hoping to be competitive this season.

Mountain Valley Falcons

Coaches: Lisa Russell and Gary Dolloff (seventh year)

Class: B South Conference: MVC


Last year’s results: 7-9

Returning athletes: Sarah Bourret, Taylor Henry, Audra Bean, Saydie Garbarini

Key losses: Abby Mazza, Emily Laubauskas, Grace Briggs, Liza White, Kassie Thibodeau, Hannah Pierce

Season outlook: With so many players gone from last year’s team Russell and Dolloff expect this to be a rebuilding year for the Falcons. Still, they don’t plan on making it easy for opponents, and how well this year’s team meshes together and the players learn their roles will determine what rebuilding looks like in the standings.

Oak Hill Raiders

Coach: Allyson Collins (seventh year)


Class: B South Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 13-4, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Kiera Young (SS), Julia Ahlberg (1B), Rylea Swan (OF), Kaitlyn Ridley (3B/OF); Juniors — Abby Nadeau (3B/C), Sadie Waterman (P), Mahala Smith (CF/C), Molly Flaherty (P/1B), Miranda Kramer (OF); Sophomore — Julia Noel (3B/2B)

Key losses: Emma Hlister (C), Hannah Nadeau (2B), Charlotte Waterman (OF)

Season outlook: The Raiders had a great regular-season run last year, grabbing the No. 2 seed in B South, but couldn’t capitalize on that success and make it out of the quarterfinal round. They’ll have to replace five seniors, including some all-conference players and four-year starters, but they bring back a big chunk of experienced players, including starting pitcher Sadie Waterman. Collins said she has “great expectations” for her upperclassmen this season.

Oxford Hills Vikings


Coach: Cindy Goddard (30th year)

Class: A North Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 13-6, lost in regional championship

Returning athletes: Seniors — Kaisa Heikkinen (SS), Maddy Starbird (2B), Makayla Starbird (OF/1B), Kenzie Kahkonen (3B); Junior — Sydney Crocker (P); Sophomores — Madison Day (OF), Lauren Merrill (P)

Key losses: Erin Morton, Hannah Kenney, Anna Piirainen

Promising newcomers: Ashley Childs (C), Kori Kahkonen (OF), Haley Dillingham (3B), Brooke Carson (1B)


Season outlook: The Vikings made a run to the Class A North final last year, and much of that team returns, including No. 1 starting pitcher Merrill, as well as three of the four infielders. Goddard expects that experience (four seniors) will help her team be one of the teams to beat again this year.

Poland Knights

Coaches: Kayla Vannah and Katrina Seeley (second year)

Class: B South Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: 6-11, lost in regional prelims

Returning athletes: Senior — Morgan Brousseau; Junior — Shelby LaFrinea; Sophomores — Karley O’Leary, Kailyn Eskuri, Amanda Gagne, Ally Gagne, Kaira Thibault, Chloe Tufts


Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Danielle Carr; Freshman — Kaylin O’Leary

Season outlook: The Knights will rely on a large group of sophomores who gained valuable experience last season in Vannah and Seeley’s first season. The coaches are hoping to improve last year’s record in what Vannah called a “strong conference.” The Knights are young, but Vannah said they are “determined.”

Rangeley Lakers

Coach: Chip Smith (fourth year), assistant Josh Haley

Class: D South Conference: EWC

Last year’s results: 7-7


Returning athletes: Sydney Royce (P), Natasha Haley (P), Lauren Eastlack (lead-off hitter), Amber Morrill (SS), Brooke Egan (2B), Ellah Smith (RF), Olivia Pye (P), Olivia Hall (OF), Tausha Gogely (1B)

Key losses: Natalie Brooks, Celia Philbrick, Haley Morrell

Promising newcomers: Emily Eastlack, Winnie LaRochelle, Hannah McMillian

Season outlook: The Lakers are always one of the last teams to get out on the field, but Smith is still looking for his squad to be competitive. Despite bringing a lot of players back Rangeley will still be a young team, and one that hopes to get better as the season goes along.

Spruce Mountain Phoenix

Coach: Clint Brooks (fourth year)


Class: B South Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 3-13

Returning athletes: Seniors — Allison Acritelli (LF/1B), Lyndzi Dolloff (OF/1B), Rhylie Bubier (OF/2B), Hailee Perkins (3B), Morgan Dalton (RF/1B); Juniors — Ashley Castonguay (OF), Calley Baker (CF), Hailey Turcotte (SS), Paige Hutton (RF), Brooke Buote (2B/SS), JuJu Doiron (C); Sophomores — Emily Castonguay (2B/OF), Grace Harmatys (SS/2B), Skye Chretien (2B/OF)

Key losses: Alex Bessey (P), Alyssa Black (1B)

Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Jenna Martin (P/1B); Freshman — Hannah Turcotte (P)

Season outlook: The Phoenix bring back just about everybody, except there is a void left in the circle by Bessey. Newcomers Turcotte and Martin will both get chances to take over the pitcher’s spot. Also new for this year’s team is the MVC, although the program is returning to the conference after a three-year hiatus. That means new opponents for a relatively experienced team.


St. Dominic Academy Saints

Coach: Ashley Farrell (first year)

Class: C South Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: 1-15

Returning athletes: Seniors — Jasmyne Thornton (INF), Janelle Bryant (P); Juniors — Karrington Murphy (2B), Cassie Roy (OF), Morgan Roy (OF); Sophomores — Skye Rogers (P), Becca Zimmerman (OF)

Key losses: Rhiannon Hersey (P), Allie Vienotte (P/SS)


Promising newcomers: Juniors — Maddie Diaz (SS), Mikayla Jackson (INF/3B); Freshmen — Lucy Frenette (C), Emma Skolfield (C)

Season outlook: Farrell takes over the program after being a varsity assistant the past two years. She’s hoping this team can help put St. Dom’s back on the map, with the help of some new talent this year, as well as set a foundation for what the Saints potentially have coming next year.

Telstar Rebels

Coaches: Krystle Gould and Tasha Howard (first year)

Class: C South Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 8-8, lost in regional quarterfinals


Returning athletes: Seniors — Kylee Martin (P), Taylor Mason (OF), Sonja Farrington (OF); Juniors — Hannah Evans (2B), Josie Forbes (3B), Julia Cherkis (C), Abby Harrington (1B), Tashawna York (2B/OF), Georgia Piawlock (OF); Sophomores — Aneah Bartlett (SS/P), Luci Rothwell (1B), Emily Fraser (C/Util), Perry Morton (3B/OF), Angela Cintron (OF)

Key losses: Natasha Hart, Taylor Merrill

Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Emma Kruse; Freshmen — Brooklyn Kimball (P/2B), Shelby Thorman (C)

Season outlook: The Rebels have two new coaches to replace longtime head coach Jim Lunney, but they do bring back much of last year’s team after Lunney had just one returner last year. Martin is back as the No. 1 pitcher, but Gould and Howard still have a relatively young team that will need to grow as the season goes along.

Winthrop Ramblers

Coach: Chuck Gurney (fourth year)


Class: C South Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 13-6, lost in regional championship

Returning athletes: Senior — Danielle McClure (OF); Juniors — Devyn Taylor (OF), Moriah Hajduk (2B), Layne Audet (P), Hanna Caprara (C), Kate Perkins (SS), Olivia Siminson (3B), Maria Dostie (OF); Sophomores — Bry Baxter (1B), Samantha Allen (OF), Kayla Weber (3B)

Key losses: Kayleigh Oberg, Molly Glaser, Mattie Rice, Amber Raymond

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Abby Shumway (2B/C), Lindsey Letourneau (1B/OF)

Season outlook: Coming off their first regional final appearance in school history the Ramblers are hoping to build on that new-found success. They lost four seniors from that team, but do have a large junior class that will try to fill those voids. Winthrop does bring back No. 1 pitcher Audet, who will have classmate Caprara behind the plate to catch her this year. There are other key pieces in place as well for a potential return trip to the C South final.

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