LIVERMORE FALLS — At a public hearing Monday on Livermore Falls’ proposed $2.5 million budget for 2018, resident Ron Chadwick asked about funding for summer recreation program, which totals $30,218.

He said Jay would not be paying its fair share of the recreation budget through taxation, but instead planned to take it out of an existing recreation account. Chadwick asked what Livermore Falls would do if Jay decided in the future to not provide any funding.

Chairperson Heather Bronish answered that if Jay were to not fund its portion, the parents of Jay children would have to make up the cost if they wished to have their children participate.

Children from the towns of Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls and Fayette attend the program.

Resident Melissa Crocker asked if the town was funding Rural Community Action Ministry (RCAM) in this year’s budget, as was done last year when voters appropriated $1,000. Bronish said selectmen voted unanimously to not fund RCAM because alcohol was served at RCAM meetings.

RCAM had requested $2,700 from Livermore Falls as part of its 2018 budget.


Voting on the 2018 Livermore Falls budget will take place by referendum on Tuesday, June 12 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Town Office. Taxpayers will be asked to raise and appropriate the following amounts:

• $39,153 for elected officials.

• $283,291 for administration.

• $565,472 for police department.

• $113,467 for fire department.

• $298,237 for contractual.


• $16,600 for code enforcement.

• $477,949 for public works.

• $120,000 for paving.

• $122,559 for municipal solid waste.

• $81,221 for buildings.

• $75,506 for the library.


• $30,218 for recreation.

• $5,625 for grounds care.

• $8,960 for general assistance.

• $66,712 for insurance.

• $42,960 for capital improvements.

• $1,292 for the health officer.


• $5,000 for agency requests.

• $25,000 for contingency.

• $129,363 for debt service.

Livermore Falls Town Office. (File photo)

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