Buying or selling a home is a major event. And because of complicated contracts and significant investments, it’s one that you’ll want to take on with the help of a real estate professional.
Finding a good agent often means finding a reputable real estate agency. These days, it seems like every town has more than its share of real estate businesses. But choose wisely, all are not equal. You should ask around and check with your family and friends for suggestions about good agencies that get results.
Once you have a list of possibilities, do some research. Find out how long the agency has been in business. Ideally, you want people who know your community.
If the real estate agency is merely a side business, it might not give you the best results. Buying and selling homes is a full-time job.
Look on the internet and read customer service reviews. They should also have an impact on your overall impression of an agency.  Check out the agency website.
Choose an agency that has connections with the community, a sharp understanding of neighborhoods that interest you and solid contacts with other realty companies.
The marketing strategy, advertising, communications, responsiveness and service is what makes each agency unique. It will greatly influence the sale of your home.
Look at an agency’s listings to see if your home would fit in nicely with their existing clients. If you were purchasing a home, would you find their listings easy to read and informative?
Once you have narrowed your list, contact three agencies and ask for an appointment.  Visit their office before you invite them to your home.  You can learn a lot about an agency’s professionalism by seeing their place of business.
Be prepared to ask an agency the following questions if you are selling your home:
  • How will you advertise my home?
  • How many pictures of my house will appear online?
  • On which sites will my home be featured?
  • Do you have other homes that have recently been sold in this price range?
  • How long has the agency been selling homes in my neighborhood?
  • How many licensed staff members do you have to answer the phone or reply to an email inquiry on my home?
  • How soon can I expect to hear from you when I call or e-mail you?
  • Who handles showings after business hours and on weekends?
  • What makes your agency unique?
The two biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime are buying and selling a home. Protect your investment and peace of mind by choosing the best and most trustworthy real estate agency you can find.
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