AUGUSTA — The Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) in Limestone took first place in the Maine State Math Meet held at the Augusta Civic Center on April 3. More than 900 students participated and MSSM representatives won five medals.

The team consisted of 10 students: Tobyn Blatt, a senior from Brunswick; Brett Foster, a senior from Fairfield; Wyatt Giroux, a senior from Wales; David Govoni, a senior from Skowhegan; James Hawkes, a sophomore from Portland; Jordan Theriault, a junior from Caribou; Ethan Winters, a junior from Farmington; Hyoju Kweon, a junior from South Korea; Jack Kang, a junior from South Korea; Wesley Chalmers, a freshman from Scarborough; and Eunice Liu, alternate.

Foster earned the only perfect score and received the George Millay Award, named after the Maine native who helped establish the New England Math League.

Giroux said, “I feel like the Maine Association of Math Leagues has been helpful in preparing me for the critical thinking that I will need in engineering, which is what I plan to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

Five of the 10 team members earned medals. Foster captured the first-place spot for both the event and the overall regular season. Govoni, who plans to attend the University of Maine, was third in the meet and sixth for the regular season. Hawkes took first place for sophomores and fourth in the regular season; Winters received first place for juniors and seventh for the regular season; and Kang received eighth place for juniors.

The Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) in Limestone took first place in the Maine State Math Meet. Participants are, from left, back row, math instructor Todd Smith, Brett Foster, David Govoni, Wyatt Giroux, Ethan Winters, Wesley Chalmers, Jack Kang, and math instructor Dr. Mark Rhodes; and, front row, match department chair Pete Pedersen, Hyoju Kweon, Eunice Liu, Tobyn Blatt, James Hawkes and Jordan Theriault.

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