DEAR SUN SPOTS: Not knowing who to approach, I turn to you. I’m wondering if those in the Lewiston-Auburn community are doing anything for the McFarland family. I know there are a couple donation sites on Facebook but what about all others who are not Facebook fans? It seems to me that establishing a fund at a local credit union or bank would be convenient and conducive to the collection of funds. Possibly jars at convenience stores, etc. and community benefit dinners would also be a way to raise money. Thanks again for all you do.

— No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: The McFarland family has suffered a terrible tragedy and even though many of us don’t know them personally, this accident where two little boys went into the Androscoggin River is a reminder of how fragile life is and how things can take a terrible turn in the blink of an eye.

There has been an enormous show of support for the family, according to articles published in the Sun Journal. I think your ideas are good ones and I would suggest that if you want to spearhead a fundraiser yourself, or find out who is already involved with raising money for the family so you can help with your time and/or donation, please call “Team Valerio” at 207-689-9916 and speak to Jessica Snee. All volunteer and fundraising efforts are passing through this “gate” so everything can be legitimized and tracked. The Volunteer Center is open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s at City Cab, 57 Whipple St., Lewiston.

God bless everyone who is involved in this ongoing effort to find little Valerio; help the family with medical bills; help his big brother through his recovery; and bring comfort to the family.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In regard to the May 8 Sun Spots about repurposing wedding gowns for baby burial garments, a letter appeared in Reader’s Digest a couple months ago about an organization called The Angel Gown Program. For more information, go to

— No name, Oxford

ANSWER: There is a program in Portland. Contact the organization through the website above. Brides from around the world donate their wedding gowns, which are distributed to a team of nearly 200 seamstresses throughout the United States to be refurbished into garments that parents use to dress their precious deceased babies. The program is free and also offers financial assistance and counseling for those in need.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can anyone help me find a company to fill the 20- by 40-foot area where my pool used to be with gravel at a reasonable price?

— Sheila, no town

ANSWER: You don’t say what town you live in, Sheila, but there are several excavation companies in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Here are a few for you to contact for pricing. Readers, please chime in if you have a business to recommend. The Rolodex awaits!

Dube Gravel at 153 Goddard Road in Lewiston (207-783-1567); St. Laurent & Sons Excavation at 20 Highland Spring Road in Lewiston (207-784-7944); Sabattus Sand & Gravel at 348 Lisbon Road in Sabattus (207-375-4031); LP Poirier & Son at 1331 Sabattus St. in Lewiston (207-782-3617); J.M. Earthworks at 112 Mechanic Falls Road in Poland (207-689-3478); and Fern Gravel at 10 Meadow Lane in Lewiston (207-786-3232).

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