AUBURN — Working together is the lesson learned when the band Three Men gathers in Dexter Morin’s basement.

“Everyone has to cooperate,” member Bjorn Sandberg said.

“Coming up with something that you all agree with is the hard part,” Morin said.

Fifth-graders Morin, Sandberg and Brady Barclay make up the band Three Men.

“We thought two men would be a little weird, but three men would be better,” is how Morin explained settling on a drummer, a guitar player and a saxophonist.

They practice once a week after school and have a set list of three songs: “untitled song #1,” “untitled song #2” and “Mrs. Joler’s Song.”

Kim Joler was the bandmates’ third-grade teacher who offered them a challenge: Create a song that included the words “beautiful” and “awesome.”

“Mrs. Joler’s Song” has been put on the back burner while Three Men rehearse “untitled song #2” over and over.

They will have two minutes to play the song during the Sherwood Heights Elementary School Cabaret, an end-of-the-school-year tradition in which students sing, dance, perform and mock their favorite teachers in student-led skits.

“Our song is one minute and 25.53 seconds,” said 10-year-old Barclay.

Sandberg’s mother, Laura Sandberg, made T-shirts for the band, with Three Men on the front and their nicknames on the back.

Morin’s shirt says “De Mikey Mo,” a play on his full name Dexter Michael Morin.

Barclay’s shirt says “B-Money,” a reference to one of his favorite TV show characters J-Money from Fuller House.

Sandberg’s nickname “Big Bear” is a testament to his family heritage. “Bjorn is Swedish for bear,” Sandberg said.

Only the students and staff at Sherwood Heights will get to hear Three Men perform. At least, until Morin’s goal is reached. He wants to play live at the Lewiston House of Pizza, a possibility according to Morin’s grandfather, who has the connections to make that happen.

“We (parents) are all really proud of them,” said Morin’s mother, Jenny.  “They did this all on their own.”