AUBURN — A local man filed a lawsuit Wednesday complaining he found a bone in his chicken pot pie at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Scarborough.

Willie A. Blanchette sued the American restaurant chain’s store at 400 Gallery Boulevard where, he claimed in his complaint, he had bought a chicken pot pie on Oct. 28, 2015.

While eating the pie, he “sustained significant damage to several teeth when hit down on a large piece of bone that was contained” in the pie, according to a complaint filed in Androscoggin County Superior Court.

Blanchette experienced “great pain and suffering and mental anguish requiring medical treatment” for which the restaurant is liable, the complaint said. Those “permanent” damages have caused Blanchette “loss of enjoyment of life.”

He is seeking damages plus attorney’s fees and costs.

Serena Wheeler, a manager at the Scarborough store, said she hadn’t learned about the complaint and directed inquiries to corporate headquarters.

A company spokeswoman told the Associated Press on Friday that the restaurant tried to work with the customer to resolve the complaint. She said it didn’t receive notice of the lawsuit, and KFC can’t comment further on the pending litigation.


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