BETHEL — SAD 44 voters Tuesday gave final approval to the 2018-19 school budget and elected school directors.

According to Superintendent David Murphy, the $11.3 million spending plan passed 829-378.

The tallies by town were: Bethel, 436 yes, 206 no; Newry, 80 yes, 49 no; Woodstock, 188 yes, 79 no; and Greenwood, 125 yes, 44 no, according to town officials.

Under the new “at large” voting format residents from each town had the opportunity to vote on board members from all four towns. The change is the result of a reapportionment of the board, which added a third director from Newry.

Elected to three-year terms were: Bethel, Sarah DeCato with 749 votes and Daniel Whitney with 507 for Bethel; Martha McLean with 938 for Greenwood; Sheryl Morgan with 905 for Woodstock; and Kelly Scott with 922 votes for Newry, according to Murphy’s numbers.

Erin Mitchell from Greenwood received 37 write-in votes to win a one-year term.

Bethel director Darcy Lambert received 495 votes and write-in incumbent Frank Del Duca 34, according to Murphy.

In Bethel town elections, Selectman Peter Southam and Assessor Robert Everett ran unopposed and were re-elected, garnering 582 and 585 votes, respectively, according to Town Clerk Christen Mason.