PHILLIPS — An eighth-grader at Maine Virtual Academy was recently awarded the 2018 Secretary of State Citizenship Award, given for active participation in civic and/or community activities, good scholarship and school involvement.

The award presented to Michelle Seaberg is given to only one student at each school, and is based on:

• Volunteer service to the community (such as service to health care facilities, senior groups, shelters and day care centers);

• Involvement in citizenship or character building organizations;

• A good scholastic record;

• Participation in student government programs and school activities;

• Faithful school attendance; and

• Leadership qualities that motivate others to action for the benefit of the community.

Seaberg has recently completed her first year at the academy, a school for students in grades seven through 12, where she studied language arts, science, math, history, art and physical education.

She said she enjoys science, math and history, with math being her favorite subject. This is the first year Seaberg has studied art. She said she has always liked drawing.

“I pushed myself to improve this year. My art teacher helped me grow as an artist,” she said.

Seaberg said she uses Blackboard computer software for her classes in the online school. Her lessons are displayed on a white board. “I can talk with my classmates, hear my teacher’s voice. I don’t see the teachers’ faces,” she said.

The 14-year-old was part of the Spanish, robotics and coding, and music clubs at the academy. She played basketball and softball for the local school. 

Last summer, Seaberg attended a leadership camp offered by United Way of the Tri-Valley Area. During the one-week day camp, she visited a senior citizen center in Farmington where she played games and ate lunch with the residents.

Seaberg said while at camp she learned how to set up a nonprofit. She helped with a fundraiser that raised awareness of food waste.

She said she moved to Phillips about three years ago. Her parents are Jeff and Maureen Seaberg. She has two younger sisters and two younger brothers. 

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Michelle Seaberg of Phillips stands with artwork she created this year as a student at Maine Virtual Academy. She was the recipient of the school’s 2018 Secretary of State Citizenship Award. (Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser)

Michelle Seaberg of Phillips has received the 2018 Secretary of State Citizenship Award. The eighth-grader at the Maine Virtual Academy stands with Sen. Richard Bradstreet, R-Vassalboro. (Courtesy photo)

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