DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you know what the significance of the number of stars after each of Eugenia Last’s horoscopes is? — Roland, no town

ANSWER: I didn’t know, but our wonderful editor Judy Meyer, did. It’s a ranking system for how great your day is going to be, with one star being not so good and five stars being fantastic. So here’s what you need to do each morning: pop out of bed and make each day the very best ever. You have more control over what kind of day you have than you might think! 

Shine on!!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am a faithful reader of your column and look forward to it every day! I am also the children’s librarian at the Rumford Public Library. Again this year, we are serving lunch every day, Monday through Friday, to area children under 18. I am looking for people to come to the library and talk to the children about things they feel may interest our lunch crowd. Do you have a hobby or career that you would be willing to share with our lunchers? Tuesdays or Thursdays at noon for about an hour would be ideal. You would just have to walk around and talk to tables full of curious diners. If you feel you have something to share, please call the library at 364-3661, ext. 504, and ask for Susan Marshall. — Susan, Rumford

ANSWER: I love this! Don’t be shy, people. The sharing of your time and interests may spark a fire that could make all the difference to a child. Nothing is more important than the gift of time and making meaningful connections with others. You will most likely receive more than you are giving.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you have a pichenotte game with a board and/or pieces? The first Lewiston-Auburn Poutine Feast-ival will take place Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Gendron Franco Center. The Feast-ival will consist of multiple award-winning Poutine trucks and vendors, authentic Quebecois music on Cedar Street and “Pichenotte” Tournaments at the Franco Center.

Pichenotte is played on a board of lacquered plywood; normally 28 inches square (71 cm). The edges of the playing surface are bound by raised wooden sides. The object of the game is to strike a wooden disc such that it contacts lighter discs and propels them into one of four corner pockets. The playing pieces come in two colors denoting the two players (or teams, in doubles play). An additional piece is colored red (or other unique color) and called the queen or king.

If you have a board or game you would like to donate or loan to us for the tournament, please contact Maura Broberg at the Franco Collection at Lewiston Auburn College 7536545 or [email protected] — Maura, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a Starbucks “You are Here” series mug from the State of Maine. The mug has the Starbucks logo with lobster buoys on it. My daughter is a military wife, now residing in Florida, and has asked me several times for her “Starbucks mug from Maine.” Hopefully, someone has one they would be willing to offer. I would love to make her day! — Judith, no town

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