DEAR SUN SPOTS: Does anyone know of a safe item to spray in our house to get rid of fleas? We have three cats – two indoor and one who goes in and out. I’m not fond of the flea bomb. I’ve put Bravecto on our cats, but would like to get rid of fleas that get in our house. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

—No name, Farmington

ANSWER: Have you talked to your vet and your local pet store personnel about a safe and effective way to get rid of the fleas? The problem is that spraying something around without taking some other steps first may not do the trick.

I did some reading on this subject and here is what I found for you to try: First of all, you’ll want to wash and dry everything you can on high heat, especially the items your kitties like to take their cat naps on! Vacuum every day, making sure to include drapes, lamp shades, etc. Keep your lawn cut short.

In a spray bottle, combine ¼ distilled white vinegar to ¾ water. You can also add 1 tablespoon dish soap. This mixture makes a safe cleaner for your counters and surfaces. It is also a very effective flea remover for fabrics.

Several people have recommended Vet’s Best Home Spray for Cats. This product, is supposed to be all natural and safe to use around pets and children. A 32-ounce spray bottle costs about $13. Other ones to try are Easy Defense and Sentry Natural Defense which are both about the same price. Check your local pet store for these products.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but in all my years of having pets, a professional exterminator works the best by far. All you kitty parents, please chime in with your recommendations!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m hearing-impaired and watch TV entirely with captions. I’ve enjoyed watching Channel 82 programming, but the captions are sometimes missing. I tried e-mailing the station two separate times, but got no response.

Isn’t there an FCC law that these TV stations have to put captions on their programs? What does it take to make them obey the law?

Thank you. You do a good job!

—No name, Monmouth

ANSWER: Have you contacted the provider of your cable service? They may be able to help you. You can also contact the Federal Communications Commission. They allow consumers to file informal complaints about problems with the communications services that the FCC regulates. Complaints can be filed through the FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center, which educates consumers about communications issues and guides them through the complaint process.

Options for filing a complaint include calling 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322); TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322); ASL: 1-844-432-2275; or mailing a letter with your name, address, contact information and as much detail about your complaint as possible and sending it to the Federal Communications Commission at Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division, 445 12th St., S.W., Washington, DC 20554

The FCC serves your complaint on your provider or the station and they are obligated to respond to your complaint within 30 days and provide the FCC with a copy of that response. I hope this information helps.

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