Republicans proclaim conservatism, moral governance, family values, blah, blah, blah. It’s mostly just talk, mostly hypocrisy; mostly their platform is to vilify those who don’t act in accordance with what they declare, but what they don’t really support or adhere to.

Their moral high ground is a sham. Inside the government now, there are thieves, con men and treasonous, greedy opportunists. Running for office there are pimps (in Nevada), a felon who openly advocates for raping children (Virginia), convicted pedophiles (Louisiana), blatant racists (Louisiana, Virginia), misogynists and anti-Semites — behaviors that appears to be acceptable and condoned by the Republican Party.

The evil that has been let loose by ignoring the corruption from the top elected official is frightening. The mirrored hateful conduct that is being sanctioned from the top has unleashed deplorable people to parade their unseemly ways, without fear of reprisal. Hate masquerading as “free speech.”

Supposedly, America has done a better job at assimilation than any other country. It is no wonder that war is a continual stain on its existence. It looks as if human kind has learned nothing. People’s conduct and thinking are still so primitive; the pervasive animosity that surrounds us should not be the norm. What are children absorbing? Are we raising a nation of little bigots?

While I wholeheartedly agree with Robert DeNiro’s comments, maybe he should not have made that remark. American culture is getting baser, again, thanks to the president.

Do we want to be that kind of nation?

Kathryn Begg, Auburn

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