I don’t know who the person was who took my nice wooden box with handles Tuesday, June 19, at the Great Falls Auburn Post Office. I am dismayed at their actions.

I called the Post Office within 8-10 minutes after I forgot it and left it there, but it was gone. It would have taken only a second or two for someone to give it to a postal worker and know that it would be returned to its owner.

I have used that box in many ways, and it helps me, instead of a bulky box, because of my balance and my painful feet.

I hope the person reconsiders his actions the next time he comes across a valuable that belongs to someone else.

Honesty is vital to a good society; my parents would turn over in their graves if I were to be dishonest.

If the person who took the box reads this, I hope he will feel ashamed.

Arlene Nason, Hartford