DIXFIELD — Dirigo High School Class of 2018 students were awarded $56,100 in scholarships. This total does not include individual merit scholarships received.

Award winners include: 

Annie Hazelton Memorial: Katelyn Carlow.

Banas: Bridget Rowley.

Canton Alumni: Jonathan Wainwright.

Canton Extension: Luke Lueders.


Town of Canton: Elizabeth Gallant.

Dirigo High School Class of 2012 Class Officer: Luke Lueders.

Donald Hutchins Jr. Memorial: Katelyn Carlow.

Priscilla Holt: Jordan Holmquist.

Loring Swain: Paige Nowlin.

DHSCSF: Carleen Hutchinson, Shelby Shurtleff, Lindsay Nowlin, Morgan Morrow, Elizabeth Gallant, Chase Thebarge, Katelyn Ellis, Ashley Walker, Jordan Holmquist, Kaiya Martin, Bridget Rowley and Paige Nowlin.


Dirigo Education Association: Bridget Rowley.

Tim Withrow: Kaiya Martin.

Dr. Elsemore: Paige Nowlin.

Stowell Athletic: Cooper Chiasson.

Jason Brown Memorial: Quentin Penley.

Robert Edwards Memorial: Elizabeth Raheb.


Flagg Music: Sammantha Macomber.

Franklin Savings Bank: Olivia Johnston.

Andrea Witham: Cooper Chiasson.

NOCAC: Chelsea Noyes.

Oxford Federal Credit Union: Carley Welch.

Webb River Social Alliance: Jordan Holmquist and Wesley Libby.


In Memory of Althea Fish: Neil Nolette.

Elizabeth Swan: Katelyn Carlow and Carleen Hutchinson.

Gladys Conant: Morgan Morrow.

Ione Harlow: Carley Welch, Lindsay Nowlin, Shelby Shurtleff, Wesley Libby, Katelyn Ellis, Elizabeth Raheb and Olivia Johnston.

Odd Fellows/Rebekahs: Katelyn Carlow, Cooper Chiasson, Katelyn Ellis, Olivia Johnston, Morgan Morrow, Lindsay Nowlin, Elizabeth Raheb, Shelby Shurtleff, Ashley Walker and Carly Welch.

Dixfield/Dirigo Alumni: Cooper Chiasson, Katelyn Ellis, Elizabeth Raheb, Bridget Rowley and Ashley Walker.


Wilbur & Alfreda Cote: Katelyn Carlow.

Mary Miller Charity: Shelby Shurtleff, Catherine Buck and Andrea McGinley Dobbs.

In memory of Mary Miller Charity: Morgan Morrow.

In Memory of the Deceased Members of the Class of 1967: Luke Lueders.

MELMAC: Chelsea Noyes.

Mitchell Institute: Neil Nolette


Christmas in the Valley: Catherine Buck.

USW Local 900:  Olivia Johnston

Elmer & Mabel Schrock: Kaiya Martin.

Devon Waugh: Catherine Buck.

River Valley Rotary Club: Lindsay Nowlin.

Rumford Power Scholarship: Cooper Chiasson. 


Oxford County Education Retired: Katelyn Ellis.

Joyce B. Roy: Catherine Buck.

Jeff Norris: Luke Lueders.

Marianne Young: Jonathan Wainwright.

Carthage Generations Club: Carleen Hutchinson and Cooper Chiasson.

Saphier Alumni: Catherine Buck.


Alton Arsenault Memorial (Webb River Sportsman): Cooper Chiasson.

RAAPA: Samantha Macomber.

Hannah Bowler: Ashley Walker.

Gear Up Maine: Chelsea Noyes, Jonah Downs, Carleen Hutchinson, Sammantha Macomber, Luke Lueders, Hunter Nelson, Cameron Turner, Shelby Shurtleff, Chase Thebarge and Quentin Penley.


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